AI based video analysis
If you can see it, so can Calipsa

With Calipsa, you can measure, track and understand your monitoring anywhere.

How it works

Calipsa offers a cloud-based solution that tracks and understand scenarios, directly interacting with your monitoring equipment.

Automated data collection

Our algorithms reduce operational costs by eliminating manual surveillance.

Continuously evolving and robust AI

Our systems are robust to changing conditions and are continuously adapting to new environments and tasks. They won't make the same mistake twice.


By using state-of-the-art deep learning technologies, we build neural network systems that quickly adapts to perform your tasks

Offline processing

Calipsa can process any videos from any format and any resolution to extract data, analysing them in detail.

99% accuracy on all data collections

Scenario understanding and summary

Adapts to all weather and lighting conditions

Online processing

By analysing hundreds of videos real-time in parallel through cutting-edge GPU servers and the Cloud, Calipsa is increasing the productivity of human CCTV operators.

Scenario analysis

Event detection - accidents, theft

Safety enforcement


Calipsa is a company with expertise from the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and UCL. We are the top pick by Tech Crunch for EF6.

Entrepreneur First, Europe's best technology accelerator.

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