Calipsa announces EyeQ Monitoring as the latest video monitoring company to implement false alarm filtering

Calipsa 29 October 2019
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EyeQ Monitoring have become the latest U.S-based video monitoring company to offer Calipsa’s False Alarm Filtering Platform as a service to their customers.

The introduction of the Calipsa False Alarm Filtering Platform to EyeQ Monitoring’s operations will help them to reduce the volume of false positive alarms received by their control room, allowing their operators more time to respond to genuine events. 

EyeQ Monitoring, formerly NVMC Solutions, is one of the largest focused-providers of live video monitoring in the United States. Established in 2007, EyeQ Monitoring installs and maintains the latest video surveillance technology, and also employs and trains agents based in the United States who then monitor those systems remotely after hours - responding to threat issues in real-time.

EyeQ Monitoring have a strong track record in crime prevention, saving their customers millions of dollars every year in potential losses. The latest move to introduce false alarm filtering furthers EyeQ Monitoring’s commitment to delivering outstanding levels of security for their customers.

Calipsa's cloud-based False Alarm Filtering Platform uses machine learning technology to filter out alarms caused by non-human or vehicle movement, reducing CCTV false positives by over 85% and forwarding only true alarms to human operators for review. By reducing the burden of false positives, EyeQ Monitoring will be able to improve the efficiency of their remote monitoring services in order to provide an even better service, protecting people and their assets. 

"Calipsa does a great job of classifying false alarms. We compared competing vendors against Calipsa to get a valid comparison of performance. After properly setting masking, we saw the accuracy rate of Calipsa average 95% when compared to VCA alone," comments Warren Neuburger, EyeQ Monitoring's Chief Technology Officer.

"As the CTO for EyeQ Monitoring, my department evaluates many innovative leading edge products each year and I have to say that Calipsa was one of those products that delivered on its promises."

Calipsa’s CEO, Rashid Khan adds; “EyeQ Monitoring are one of the leading providers of remote video monitoring in the United States. They are already hugely successful in what they do - detecting and preventing crime for their customers. I’m excited that they see the value in our solution and can now offer Calipsa to their customers as an additional layer of intelligence to further this success.”

If you want to find out more about our False Alarm Filtering Platform and how it benefits monitoring stations, get in touch.

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