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How video analytics can take the strain off security operators

Businesses in the security industry work around the clock to promote safety and prevent crime; there’s always the pressure to keep standards high and continue ..

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Artificial intelligence - a natural progression for video surveillance?

Technology has revolutionised modern life, from how we run global companies to how we order takeaways. So how are new developments in artificial intelligence ..

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Ebook: A guide to artificial intelligence in video surveillance

Machine learning and artificial intelligence. For the last couple of years they have been used everywhere. Some of the biggest companies are using them, ..

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Making site security smart with AI

The latest artificial intelligence technology offers a cost effective and reliable solution to security monitoring for construction sites and other properties.

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Why the latest scaremongering about AI for security is exactly that

Artificial intelligence is never far from the headlines. While on rare occasions its ability and potential shines bright, more often than not the picture ..

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