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Are UK and US video monitoring services really that different?

In our most recent Calipsa webinar, we asked whether there are significant differences between video monitoring practices in the UK and the US. In a poll, 54% ..

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Why does the construction sector need video analytics?

In 2019, the UK construction industry contributed £117 billion to the economy; providing 6% of the UK’s total economic output, 7% of jobs and 13% of ..

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Manned guarding vs remote video monitoring: the pros and cons

When choosing the best security option for your site, a common debate is whether to use manned guarding or remote video monitoring. Developments in security ..

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Machine learning explained: what are classification, detection and segmentation?

If you’ve read our articles before, you’ll know that intelligent video analytics software like Calipsa’s uses machine learning to identify human activity in ..

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Should I use live monitoring or event-based monitoring?

When we talk about remote video monitoring with companies operating in the physical security space, we’re often asked what the difference is between live and ..

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Can video analytics reduce car dealership crime?

When it comes to security, car dealerships often find themselves in a dilemma - keeping their valuable stock on display attracts customers, but it also ..

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