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Check out our industry report highlights!

Following hot on the heels of our Masterclass, we have also published our first Calipsa Video Monitoring Report! We investigate how video monitoring businesses ..

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Why the oil and gas industry needs video monitoring more than ever

The oil and gas industry has suffered in recent years. Prices have tumbled since the “2014 Oil Glut”, when the global oil supply outstripped demand, leading to ..

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CCTV Monitoring - The Ultimate Guide

Ever wondered who can view CCTV footage, and whether operators really can watch all those monitors at the same time? We’ve answered those questions - and more ..

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In the spotlight with Chris Brown: staying ahead with AI solutions

Chris Brown, the CEO of Immix, talks all things tech and AI in our latest In the Spotlight interview.  Immix software provides monitoring stations with ..

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CCTV statistics in the UK: your questions answered

The UK has a reputation around the world for being one of the highest users of CCTV. But how many security cameras are there in the UK - and how many in ..

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US spotlight: why the cannabis industry needs video analytics

In the US, moves towards legalisation have caused major growth for the cannabis industry. While it remains a controlled substance on a federal level (Schedule ..

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