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Cava Security Services

80% Average total false alarm reduction
£18k Saved per year
Find out why Cava Security Services decided to work with Calipsa's False Alarm Filtering Platform to reduce the number of false activations being received by their control room. 

About Cava Security

Cava Security Services is a full-service security company, offering CCTV remote monitoring, event security, keyholding, mobile patrolling and security guarding. Operating nationally across the UK, Cava Security provides second to none services for both commercial and residential customers. Over the years, Cava Security has provided services to customers such as Halifax, O2, Tescos, Goldsmiths and David Lloyd to name just a few.

As an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured Company and having gained the SIA Approved Contractors Accreditation in 2010 and increasing its score extensively since, Cava Security is committed to providing the highest level of security services within the UK. Cava Security Services’ aim and business goal is to open more local branches ensuring a fast and reliable response to its customers needs. 

High levels of false activations

Cava Security was receiving a high volume of false activations due to a variety of causes; weather, lighting, leaves, litter, lights from the road and foxes. This was causing a significant problem for operators. Particularly as 1 site could generate up to 6000 activations per night. Cava Security also monitors some problem sites, for example a car showroom which was inundated with false alarms caused by reflections from the windows and body of the cars. The control room needed to battle false activations but ensure the sensitivity was still high enough to pick up genuine events at this site. Cava realised that there was only so much that their installers could do to minimise these issues and wanted to find another solution that would reduce the need to send installers back to site.  

As Cava Security was planning on growing the size of its CCTV monitoring business and putting more traffic through the control room, it needed to get on top of false alarms and find a solution that would allow it to take on more sites while maintaining a high level of service.  

Finding a solution to consolidate systems and improve efficiency

Not only did Cava Security need to find a solution for false alarms, it also needed to consolidate the different systems being used. Cava was using a number of different systems from various brands and wanted to bring these all together. As a result, the team had been looking for a solution for over 2 and a half years.

Cava Security first came across Calipsa when it was recommended to them by an installer who had experience using Calipsa with Immix. They then got in touch with other monitoring centres in the UK who were using Calipsa to receive further feedback, before meeting with the Calipsa team to gain a thorough understanding of the False Alarm Filtering Platform’s capabilities. Cava Security decided to adopt Calipsa at the same time as Immix to integrate both pieces of software into its control room operations.  

There’s no going back - I couldn’t not use Calipsa now! With Calipsa, we can take on more contracts and connections, and still function smoothly. All of the Calipsa team are so helpful and it is the perfect solution for us. I believe bringing Calipsa and Immix into our operations is the best thing we’ve done in the control room.

Operations Supervisor

Enabling business growth with Calipsa

Since using Calipsa, Cava Security has not only seen significant improvement in false alarm reduction, but it has also enabled the business to grow while simultaneously improving customer service levels. 

Cava Security is now able to serve more customers without having to increase its operator headcount. This is as a result of an average 80% reduction in false alarms, a figure which increased to as high as 94% on Christmas Day 2019. The reduction in false activations has also helped the business to save a minimum of £18,000 a year in costs, which enables Cava to save their customers money by offering a more cost efficient monitoring service.

With the help of Calipsa, Cava Security plans to continue to grow its CCTV monitoring business including; expanding the control room, hiring more staff and achieving industry accreditations for monitoring standards.

CAVA SECURITY MARKETING LOGO WHITE #eb4830 "I believe bringing Calipsa and Immix into our operations is the best thing we’ve done in the control room." image (21) Theo Cridge - Operations Supervisor