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Constant Security Services

90% False alarm reduction achieved
Learn how Constant Security Services uses Calipsa to improve the efficiency of its operations and the job satisfaction of its staff.

About Constant Security Services

Constant Security is an independent, family run and national award winning security specialist providing a range of services including Static Security Guards, CCTV Remote Monitoring, Alarm/Incident Response, Mobile Patrols and Special Event Management. It operates nationwide across the UK, servicing a number of highly prestigious customers.

Constant has been operational for 35 years and in this time has grown to offer services to a diverse customer base, focusing on stable organic growth with an equal priority placed on customer and employee satisfaction. It currently employs 1000 personnel to enable it to operate to the highest possible industry and professional standards.

Why false alarms have been a challenge

Over the past few years, Constant has seen almost exponential growth in the support service division of its business; largely due to increased CCTV Remote Monitoring being used by new and existing clients. Much of this growth has been driven by its desire to continue to offer the most innovative, start-of-the-art services, and to take a multi-layered and dynamic approach to security provision.  

For its clients, the incorporation of this innovative way of securing their premises has been a no-brainer as it has nearly always created significant cost savings, without reducing the integrity of security on their facility. This has resulted in a dramatic increase of sites over the last few years and as a result, Constant’s experience Control Room team have become inundated with false alarms from CCTV sites.

The volume of false alarms within the Control Room was becoming a huge challenge and had to be resolved. Constant had reached its capacity to accept any new connections and knew that to continue to expand this sector further it would impact the overall security of its customer sites, and the morale of its long serving and passionate staff.

Implementing a game-changing analytical solution

The entire team at Constant strives to offer the best possible service to its clients and there was a growing frustration regarding the sheer amount of false alarms. There was also a concern that a genuine alarm could be missed due to dealing with false alarms.

The incorporation of Calipsa in our solution has been a game changer, completely revolutionising our entire operation and the service we are able to offer.

Michael Dainty
Support Services Manager

For a number of years, Constant had been using the Immix Platform and was delighted when Calipsa partnered Immix CS, providing a long-awaited resolution to address the issue of false alarms. Constant had previously looked at other solutions, however upon engaging Calipsa, it was immediately impressed with the industry-leading False Alarm Platform and its ability to significantly reduce false alarms. 

Constant chose to engage with Calipsa to increase the efficiency and job satisfaction of its operators by reducing activations to a level where they would only have genuine activity to review - allowing them to do their jobs to the best of their ability and remove the worry of missing something.

As a family business, our culture of care and responsibility to our customers and colleagues is our number one priority. We were immediately very comfortable working with the team from Calipsa.From the start, the interaction with Calipsa was highly professional, collegiate and collaborative; meaning entering into a partnership was an easy decision.

Adam Lee
Commercial Director

Revolutionising monitoring operations

Calipsa is revolutionising the support service division of Constant Security Services, allowing the streamlining and improved efficiency of its operations and the much improved job satisfaction of staff. 

Since implementing Calipsa, Constant has seen false alarm reduction rates reach 90%. This has allowed its operators much more time to concentrate on genuine activity and to add value to the overall service provided to its loyal customers.

In the initial stage of the partnership, Calipsa has already allowed Constant to start taking on significant volumes of new customers, without the necessity and significant expense of adding extra resources in its Control Room.

Constant Security logo #a4abaf "From the start, the interaction with Calipsa was highly professional, meaning entering into a partnership was an easy decision." Adam Lee Constant Case Study Adam Lee - Commercial Director