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First County Monitoring

Achieving a 70-80% reduction in false alarms for First County Monitoring.

70%+ Overall average false alarm reduction
0% Increase in headcount needed to grow business
Discover how Calipsa and Sentinel have helped First County Monitoring to achieve a 70-80% reduction in false alarms to their alarm receiving centre.

About First County Monitoring

First County Monitoring is a leading NSI approved specialist in all types of communications for the Security Industry. Through their NSI Gold Approved Alarm Receiving Centre, they provide 24-hour Alarm Monitoring Services nationwide for CCTV, intruder alarms, fire alarms, lone worker monitoring services and social care monitoring.

High false activations from poorly designed sites

First County Monitoring were consistently experiencing high false activations from the CCTV cameras they were monitoring. This challenge resulted from poorly designed sites, people coming to sites unannounced and a lack of will from end-users to address the issue, specifically with regards to camera alignment and foliage etc. They also noticed that as systems had become cheaper to install, site installation and management was sometimes being handled by less skilled workforces.

First County Monitoring realised the impact that false activations might have on their response times. It would be difficult to meet the required response times without having a large workforce, which increases costs, or wearing out operation staff who will continually get repeat alarms leading to complacency and potential for missed alarms.

Reducing alarms to protect response times

First County Monitoring wanted to protect their response times without having to hire additional staff to manage the quantity of incoming alarms. They came across Calipsa and saw potential, particularly as Calipsa works hand in hand with Sentinel (First County’s monitoring platform) to decode video alarm trigger footage from all the different CCTV systems monitored by First County Monitoring.

Everything about working with Calipsa has been very good and positive and they have really helped our business. The team is always prepared to listen and are constantly enhancing the solution to help us be more successful. I can’t congratulate them enough for their innovation.

SIMON MACKENZIE Technical Communications Director

They started trialling Calipsa’s False Alarm Filtering Platform on specific sites and saw a marked reduction in false calls, up to 60-70% in some cases. First County Monitoring now connect Calipsa to over 700 cameras via Sentinel to filter out false alarms before they get shown to their operators.

Significant false alarm reduction

First County Monitoring have noticed considerable improvements since using Calipsa in combination with Sentinel, including dramatically improved handling statistics, regularly exceeding targets and more accurate detection of genuine activations.

Calipsa and Sentinel have helped First County Monitoring to achieve an overall average false alarm reduction of 70-80%. With fewer false alarms, they have also seen continuous business growth, while maintaining their existing operations headcount. First County Monitoring have also received positive feedback from the installers whose sites have now been connected to Calipsa, as these sites are being monitored much more efficiently.

First County Monitoring intend to increase their usage of Calipsa. For new customers, this will mean implementing Calipsa from the offset.

case-studies-listing-icon--first-county #4b2168 “Everything about working with Calipsa has been very good and they have really helped our business.” case-study-author--simon-mackenzie Simon Mackenzie - Technical Communication Director