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FLR Fire and Security

Helping FLR Fire and Security to surpass their response time SLAs by reducing false alarms.

60% Average total false alarm reduction
90% FLR customers that have connected to Calipsa
Find out Calipsa have helped FLR Fire and Security, part of FLR Spectron Ltd, to surpass their response time SLAs through a 60% reduction in false alarms.

About FLR Fire and Security

FLR Spectron is an award-winning, multi-services company with over two decades of experience across multiple industries. FLR Fire and Security has been a division of FLR Spectron Ltd since 2014, specialising in fire and security installation and maintenance. They provide remote monitoring of electronic systems for commercial and domestic customers from their grade 2 alarm receiving centre based in Kent.

Increasing response times

FLR manage a number of different sites and monitoring platforms from both in-house installations and installations by third party installers. When reviewing their alarm statistics, they noticed they were receiving a high volume of alarms across the board, which was limiting the efficiency of their Operators at their alarm receiving centre (ARC).

As a result of the number of false alarms being sent to their ARC Operators, FLR’s response time to genuine alarms was increasing. Their SLA with the SSAIB states that they must respond to all events within 180 seconds. They realised they needed to reduce false alarms to ensure they could continue to meet this SLA without having to significantly increase their headcount and costs.

Improved false alarm management

FLR Fire and Security wanted to ensure they could attend quickly and effectively to actual alarms, and knew the key to doing this was to reduce the thousands of false alarms they were receiving. They were looking for a robust solution that would support false alarm management and allow their Operators more time to review and make decisions about genuine alarms.

Calipsa have provided us with a robust solution which we have found highly beneficial in reducing a high percentage of our total alarms, helping us to provide a better service to our customers. The Calipsa team are great to work with and I'm excited about our potential to grow with their help.

DOMINIC OBRY Managing Director

FLR engaged with Calipsa to trial their False Alarm Filtering Platform and tackle the false alarm challenge.They now connect Calipsa to over 800 cameras to filter out any alarms caused by non-vehicle or human motion. FLR also benefit from Calipsa’s alarm highlight feature which adds a green outline to the cause of an alarm, helping their Operators to quickly and accurately respond to genuine alerts.

A highly beneficial solution

Calipsa’s alarm filtering solution has proved to be highly beneficial for FLR in reducing a high percentage of alarms received to their ARC.

Within just 6 months of working with Calipsa, FLR had achieved an average false alarm reduction of 50-60%. They are continuing to work closely with the Calipsa team with the aim to increase efficiency to 80%. They have also been able to continually beat their response time SLAs without hiring any additional staff.

FLR are now proactively encouraging new and existing customers to connect to Calipsa, with over 90% of their existing customers base already benefiting from the platform. In the future, they plan to work closely with Calipsa to develop platform integrations that will further improve false alarm management.

case-studies-listing-icon--flr #ffe493 “Calipsa have provided us with a robust solution which we have found highly beneficial.” case-study-author--dominic-obry Dominic Obry - Managing Director