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80% Average false alarm reduction rate
Find out how we work with Optiwatch to provide their customers with an added layer of site protection with False Alarm Filtering Analytics.

About Optiwatch

Optiwatch is a construction site security solutions provider specialising in the development, deployment and management of a wide range of dynamic, technology-driven remotely monitored security solutions, services and systems. This includes virtual security, video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control and fire prevention.

It has about 10 trained certified control room operators from different security, technical and technology based professional backgrounds and provides services that mitigate risk and pro-actively prevent potential threats before they can cause any serious damage.

Live stream challenges

Optiwatch was using a system which meant it had to livestream all its cameras on video walls. However, this had its limit as the system could only support a maximum of 64 cameras per video wall. It was becoming increasingly difficult for operators to efficiently monitor all the cameras in this way.

As the operations at Optiwatch are based on using technology and deploying innovative solutions, it wanted to improve its processes for monitoring systems and implement a more automated approach which would allow its operators to better focus their time and become more efficient.

Implementing cutting-edge technology

In order to improve its services, Optiwatch began searching for a supplier that could be integrated into its control room. After approaching Calipsa to trial its False Alarm Filtering Platform, Optiwatch was very impressed with the platform and its dashboard, where Calipsa shows the percentage of activations, both true and false alarms, and statistics and reports on the number of alarms received.

Optiwatch found that it was able to monitor its cameras directly through Calipsa, with false alarms filtered and true alarms highlighted to operators in the alarms section of the platform. This functionality meant that it could conduct all its monitoring using Calipsa analytics through one single platform, streamlining its operations. Training for Optiwatch operators was a priority during the onboarding process as they would be using the Calipsa platform on a daily basis.

Our main objective is to use system automation in the control room. Calipsa has enabled us to enhance efficiency and reduce the number of false activations, which has given room for business growth and put us on top of the ladder as an alarm monitoring centre.

Control Room Manager

Potential to grow

Since using Calipsa, Optiwatch has seen false reduction rates average over 80%, meaning its operators have more time to focus on responding to genuine threats and adding value to its customers. It is heading towards a point where the business will just be focusing on Calipsa verified alarms. This will give the business the potential to significantly increase the number of video surveillance sites and customers it supports.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Optiwatch has seen increased demand for vacant property management. By working with Calipsa, it has been able to ultilise False Alarm Filtering to provide an added layer of protection on these sites.

With Calipsa filtering in place, Optiwatch has also seen benefits in customer satisfaction by limiting the cost that false alarms place on end users.

Optiwatch will continue to develop its partnership with Calipsa to develop 100% efficiency. As Calipsa develops more platform integrations, Optiwatch is looking forward to transitioning to use Calipsa on its entire video estate.


Optiwatch has produced a video to demonstrate how Calipsa has benefitted its control room. Watch it here.

Optiwatch logo #15142b "Calipsa has enabled us to enhance efficiency and reduce the number of false activations." Patrick_Optiwatch Patrick O'Conner - Control Room Manager