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Discover how Sirix implemented Calipsa's one-click Immix integration to ease their operators load and improve the overall employee experience.

About Sirix

Based in Quebec, Canada, the Sirix operations centre is renowned for its specialised services that manage the remote surveillance of multiple sites for several types of businesses. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and offers solutions adapted to the specific needs of public and private organisations, regardless of organisation size or number of sites to secure. These solutions include remote video monitoring, cloud hosted access control, remote intercom response, alarm video verification and infrastructure uptime monitoring. 

My experience working with Calipsa has greatly improved reducing false alarms. This way, operators can deal with real alarms faster."

MELANIE COTEDirector of Operations Center



False alarms pose a challenge for operators

Since its inception in 2014, Sirix sought out to only monitor sites with existing analytics. However, they came to realize that even with these baseline in-camera analytics, they still received a variety of false alarms. Some of the most common issues included flags on automobiles, the sun, reflections, shadows, trees, rain and snow. With such a high volume of false alarms, operators were spending a large percentage of their time clearing nuisance alarms instead of focusing only on the alarms that matter.

As staff wellbeing and morale is top of the agenda at Sirix, it wanted to find a solution that would support its operators. 

Implementing Calipsa

After years of watching Calipsa’s progress, the Sirix team was excited to finally implement the False Alarm Filtering software and saw an immediate reduction in false alarms. It continued to add Calipsa on more cameras, even ones with small numbers of false alarms, in order to reap the biggest benefits from the software. CEO Daniel Cyr knew that any reduction in false alarms made it worth adding Calipsa. Due to its competitive price point, it therefore made it a no-brainer to add Calipsa to a significant proportion of its video surveillance estate. 

Since Sirix monitors all of their sites on Immix, a leading alarm receiving platform, the seamless AI Link integration between Calipsa and Immix was a crucial selling point for Cyr. During the setup process, they found Calipsa’s interface to be “intuitive, simple to use, and well designed.” After just a couple months of using Calipsa, Sirix has seen huge improvements in its video operations business. 

I have to say I give high notes for the overall experience with Calipsa.


Sirix CEO

Creating a positive work environment

The advantages of Calipsa have been seen throughout the company, especially among operators. Dealing with an onslaught of false alarms day after day was taking a toll on them. When false alarms started to diminish with Calipsa, Cyr said that “operators were very very happy.” Mélanie Côtés, Director of Sirix’s Security Operations Center, added that her “experience working with Calipsa has greatly improved reducing false alarms. This way, operators can deal with real alarms faster.”

Cyr spent the last several months focusing on operators at his company, and how to improve their overall experience. “I’m putting a lot of effort and energy into how to make it better for them and I know Calipsa is a big part of that,” Cyr said.


Sirix newsletter image #000000 "I have to say I give high notes for the overall experience with Calipsa." Daniel Cyr Daniel Cyr - Sirix CEO