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[Webinar] Calipsa and Immix Integration Launch: AI Verification of Video Alarms

Calipsa and Immix are hosting a joint webinar on Sept. 1 at 12pm EST to announce the launch the AI Link Video Verification solution for the Americas. Register for the session using the form below. 


Register for the webinar

  • Sept 1. 2020
  • 12pm EST

Calipsa and Immix are pleased to invite you to join the webinar launch of the AI verification integration for central alarm monitoring stations in the Americas. The integration follows the successful launch of the solution in Europe in May. We'll be sharing how AI Link can support improved monitoring efficiency by streamlining the way the two technologies work together.

This will be a joint presentation between Calipsa and Immix and is open to anyone who is currently using either technology, or who is looking to implement the technologies in the future.