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Calipsa 01 February 2022
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Calipsa's mobile app is releasing a brand new feature this week: Arm & Disarm.

Our mobile app users can now arm and disarm sites for certain time periods to further reduce nuisance alarms at times when you know there will be activity on site. By combining features that give you more control over your alarm system with our false alarm filtering, Calipsa ensures as few false alarms as possible.

If you have installers doing onsite maintenance, you can now give them the option to disarm and re-arm cameras themselves while onsite to avoid unwanted alarms during that period. Simply grant permissions through the 'Sharing with installers' and 'Sharing with keyholders' section of the Calipsa platform to give installer and end-users more control.

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Once logged into the Calipsa mobile app, use the menu icon to head to the 'Cameras' section of the app. From here, you can find the sites you wish to Arm or Disarm and select the duration you wish this to last for. The sites will then appear in the client list with a countdown and the exact ending time of the arm or disarm period.


Note: This feature is currently available to customers using Calipsa direct only. 

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