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Hear how our customers use Calipsa to improve their security monitoring operations. 

Customer story: EMCS

EMCS, one of the UK’s leading alarm receiving centres, discuss how Calipsa has transformed their video monitoring efficiency, allowing them to grow their business.

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Radius Logo

Radius Security | Calipsa Customer Review

Discover how Radius Security filtered out over 1.9M false alarms in just 30 days with Calipsa Detect.
Growing a central station monitoring business with Calipsa video analytics
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“Calipsa has filtered out over 1.9M false alarms for us in the last 30 days – that reduction has a significant impact on how quickly our remote guards can recognize potential threats at our clients’ sites and initiate a response.” Aleksei Bulavko - Radius Security
Acadian Monitoring Services_logo

Acadian Monitoring Services LLC | Calipsa Customer Review

Discover how Acadian Monitoring Services’s alarm monitoring center achieved a false alarm reduction rate of 90% using Calipsa’s false alarm filtering system.
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“Calipsa has seamlessly integrated with every VMS we’ve dealt with. The interface is clean, and the reduction in false alarms is game-changing.” Brandon Niles - Vice President, Acadian Companies

BOS Security | Calipsa Customer Review

Discover how BOS Security achieved a false alarm reduction rate of 80-90% and cut down response times by 50% with Calipsa Detect and Detect Pro.
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“Calipsa is the best at what they do. On top of that, false alarms cause stress on agents as well as clients. By reducing those alarms, we saw significantly positive results.” Kevin Vettorel - BOS Security
Prosegur logo

Prosegur Security | Calipsa Customer Review

Discover how Prosegur Security saved 35-40 labor hours per month with a cloud-based false alarm filtering solution.
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“There are many AI platforms available in the market today, yet Calipsa distinguishes itself through its efficiency and user-friendliness.” Steve Gatlin - Vice President, Technology

Doncaster Security Operations Centre

Doncaster Security Operations Centre is a CCTV Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centre and uses Calipsa Detect video analytics software to enhance its operations.
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“Since deploying Calipsa Detect, our ARC is receiving much fewer false alarms, our operators are working more efficiently, and we’ve been able to take on new clients.” Robert Dovey - Operations Manager
Ferrous Processing and Trading use Calipsa

Ferrous Processing and Trading

Ferrous Processing and Trading manages 2.8 million tons of metal annually, and uses Calipsa video analytics to protect over half its 25 locations nationwide. 
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"The fact Calipsa is a cloud-based solution was a key selling point. It saves us from installing new on-premise hardware or having to carry out on-site checks." Jeff Jerdonek - Director of Security

Eyeforce and ABC Supply Co

Discover how Eyeforce and ABC Supply Co chose Calipsa’s AI analytics to protect 310 sites across the United States.
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"We plan to recommend Caplisa heavily to our partners and enjoy the continued success these recommendations have brought to Eyeforce." Daniel Forrest - CEO (Eyeforce)

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