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Hear how our customers use Calipsa to improve false alarm reduction in their security business

Customer story: EMCS

EMCS, one of the UK’s leading alarm receiving centres, discuss how Calipsa has transformed their video monitoring efficiency, allowing them to grow their business.

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G4S UK & Ireland

Improving monitoring efficiency by removing 84% of false alarm traffic from the G4S control room.
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"Calipsa is a badge of honour we are very happy to promote. With Calipsa we can show that G4S has the tools to provide best in class monitoring." Paul Fitzgerald - Monitoring Account Director
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Prosegur USA

Discover how Prosegur USA have saved 35-40 labour hours per month with a cloud-based false alarm filtering solution.
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"There are a lot of AI platforms in the market these days, but Calipsa has stood out due to its effectiveness and ease of use." Eric Jackel - Vice President, Operations
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Constant Security Services

Learn how Constant Security Services uses Calipsa to improve the efficiency of its operations and the job satisfaction of its staff.
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"From the start, the interaction with Calipsa was highly professional, meaning entering into a partnership was an easy decision." Adam Lee - Commercial Director

Securitas UK

Discover how Securitas UK implemented Calipsa's one-click Immix integration to achieve 89.8% total video alarm reduction in the Securitas Operations Centre.
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"With Calipsa and Immix, I believe we are working with a game changing solution." Omar Abu-Rish - Securitas Operations Centre Manager
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Elite Interactive Solutions

Explore why Elite Interactive Solutions, leader in the Remote Guarding and Monitoring Industry, decided to partner with Calipsa to tackle false positives.
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“With Calipsa, we will be able to go even further with the reduction of false positives.” Aria Kozak - President and CEO
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Acadian Monitoring Services

Find out how Calipsa have been working with Acadian Monitoring Services to help to tackle their nuisance alarm problem and reduce their false alarms by over 75%.
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“We've had great success using Calipsa and they have been great to work with and incredibly supportive.” Brandon Niles - Director of Operations

First County Monitoring

Discover how Calipsa and Sentinel have helped First County Monitoring to achieve a 70-80% reduction in false alarms to their alarm receiving centre.
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“Everything about working with Calipsa has been very good and they have really helped our business.” Simon Mackenzie - Technical Communication Director

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