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Hear how our customers use Calipsa to improve their security monitoring operations. 

Customer story: EMCS

EMCS, one of the UK’s leading alarm receiving centres, discuss how Calipsa has transformed their video monitoring efficiency, allowing them to grow their business.

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Ferrous Processing and Trading use Calipsa

Ferrous Processing and Trading

Ferrous Processing and Trading manages 2.8 million tons of metal annually, and uses Calipsa video analytics to protect over half its 25 locations nationwide. 
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"The fact Calipsa is a cloud-based solution was a key selling point. It saves us from installing new on-premise hardware or having to carry out on-site checks." Jeff Jerdonek - Director of Security

Eyeforce and ABC Supply Co

Discover how Eyeforce and ABC Supply Co chose Calipsa’s AI analytics to protect 310 sites across the United States.
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"We plan to recommend Caplisa heavily to our partners and enjoy the continued success these recommendations have brought to Eyeforce." Daniel Forrest - CEO (Eyeforce)

Totem Ecuador

Discover how Totem Ecuador improved operator efficiency after achieving 80% false alarm reduction with Calipsa's AI video analytics software.
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"We found that Calipsa was the best solution on the market for our alarm filtering needs." Luis Fernando Uribe Blum - CEO
Southern Monitoring logo

Southern and Northern Monitoring

Discover how Southern Monitoring Services and Northern Monitoring Services implemented Calipsa to achieve 75%+ total video alarm reduction.
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"We have been very pleased to work with Calipsa as we roll out this important enhancement to our technology portfolio and customer service." Stephen Lord - General Manager

Securitas UK

Discover how Securitas UK implemented Calipsa's one-click Immix integration to achieve 89.8% total video alarm reduction in the Securitas Operations Centre.
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"With Calipsa and Immix, I believe we are working with a game changing solution." Omar Abu-Rish - Securitas Operations Centre Manager
Prosegur logo

Prosegur USA

Discover how Prosegur USA have saved 35-40 labour hours per month with a cloud-based false alarm filtering solution.
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"There are a lot of AI platforms in the market these days, but Calipsa has stood out due to its effectiveness and ease of use." Eric Jackel - Vice President, Operations
Standard G4S Logo

G4S UK & Ireland

Improving monitoring efficiency by removing 84% of false alarm traffic from the G4S control room.
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"Calipsa is a badge of honour we are very happy to promote. With Calipsa we can show that G4S has the tools to provide best in class monitoring." Paul Fitzgerald - Monitoring Account Director

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