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Calipsa Detect Pro

Video analytics for camera health checks

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Scene change detection for better camera health

Calipsa Detect Pro builds on the capabilities of Calipsa Detect with a suite of camera health check AI analytics. Never miss an alarm with scene change detection and idle camera checks on hand to alert operators if cameras have failed to alarm, been tampered with, or changed their field of view. With Detect Pro, you can be sure your cameras are doing what they should be 24/7.

What you can do with Calipsa Detect Pro

Scene change

Scene change detection

Receive alerts if the angle of the camera has moved, the camera scene has changed significantly, or the camera has been tampered with. Calipsa will perform a scene change detection check twice a day on all cameras with scene change detection enabled, at time periods selected by you. Our Scene Change dashboard will show detected, dismissed, and incomplete scene change alerts to help you easily manage your camera health.

Idle camera

Idle camera check

Calipsa’s idle camera check is designed to notify you if selected cameras haven’t received alarms for a configurable time period - from 6 to 48 hours. Choose to receive idle camera alerts via email as soon as the idle threshold is hit, or you can use the platform to review a list of all idle cameras on the platform with information about how long each camera has been idle for.

Plus all the features from Detect

Human and vehicle detection

Object detection

Camera Masking

Camera masking

Site schedule

Site scheduling

Site sharing

Site sharing

Alarm intelligence

Alarm intelligence

Mobile app viewing

Mobile app viewing

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