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For healthcare

Advanced video analytics for healthcare and hospitals

Improve hospital safety and get more from CCTV cameras in hospitals with AI video analytics software, designed to help your Security Operations Centre detect and prevent crime. 




Respond quicker to threats captured by CCTV cameras in hospitals

With over 93% fewer unwanted alarms being sent to your SOC, your security operators will have more time to focus on genuine alarms, enabling them to dispatch a quicker response to threats to hospital safety.

  • Reduce average response times to genuine alarms
  • Exceed internal KPIs for true alarm response times
  • Improve patient safety in healthcare and improve building security


Improve operator efficiency and morale in your SOC

Calipsa’s deep learning video analytics only forward ‘true’ alarms to your VMS; removing the noise associated with unwanted alarms and giving your operators more time to focus on doing what they do best – keeping your sites safe.

  • Remove over 90% of video surveillance false alarms
  • Operators can focus on genuine alerts with criminal activity or threats to hospital safety
  • Improve staff morale with decreased alarm volumes


Quick and simple cloud-based deployment of AI video analytics software

Calipsa’s 100% cloud-based video analytics software dramatically reduces the time and cost required to deploy AI analytics to video surveillance cameras, allowing you to remotely manage any camera from your central SOC.

  • Connect video analytics software without the need for additional hardware
  • Scale your video analytics usage up and down on demand
  • Give your SOC control over your technology set-up


Integrates seamlessly with your existing VMS

Our seamless integrations with leading video management software (VMS) providers, including Digital Watchdog and Milestone, let you add Calipsa to CCTV cameras in hospitals in just a few simple clicks.

  • Manage analytics and video monitoring via one single platform
  • Benefit from the latest artificial intelligence technology
  • Access universal camera compatibility via your VMS


Save costs by reducing the number of guard patrols on site

Reduce manned guard patrols across your sites while simultaneously increasing security coverage by complementing existing physical security solutions with operational business intelligence from Calipsa's video analytics for healthcare.

  • Combine manned guards with video surveillance software for better cost-efficiency
  • Ensure maximum security coverage for hospital safety by leveraging data from existing cameras
  • Alert security guards and law enforcement authorities to threats to hospital safety in real-time

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