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For monitoring stations

Receive 90% fewer false alarms to your monitoring station

Improve operator efficiency, respond quicker to genuine threats and scale your business with Calipsa Pro Analytics, video analytics software for false alarm reduction.




Improve operator efficiency and morale

Calipsa’s deep learning video analytics only forwards ‘true’ alarms to your operators, empowering them to make better decisions in response to alarms - without the burden of excessive false alarms.

  • Operators only receive ‘true’ alarms to review
  • Reduce the likelihood of operator fatigue
  • Improve staff morale by reducing alarm volumes


Respond quicker to genuine security threats

With 90% fewer false alarms being sent to your monitoring station, operators will have more time to focus on ‘true’ alarm verification and a quicker response to genuine threats.

  • Reduce average response times
  • Offer more competitive SLAs to customers
  • Improve overall loss prevention standards


Grow your security business - faster

As an affordable and powerful alternative to traditional video analytics software, Calipsa is on hand to help you to efficiently grow your business - while simultaneously improving your margins.

  • Scale your business up and down on demand
  • Grow without the need to hire additional staff
  • Remove the need to install new hardware


Deliver a better customer experience

Make life easier for your installers by removing the need for hardware based video analytics and reducing the need to go back to site for false alarm management.

  • Calipsa video analytics software is 100% cloud-based
  • Remotely optimise cameras to improve false alarm
  • Provide a higher value service for end-users

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