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People and vehicle detector with false alarm filtering

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The leading object detection solution 

Calipsa Detect uses our flagship false alarm filtering technology to detect the presence of humans and vehicles in video alarms. Using deep learning algorithms, our object detection analytics successfully filter 93% of false alarms on all camera types to greatly enhance false alarm reduction.

What you can do with Calipsa Detect

Human and vehicle detection

Object detection

Our false alarm filtering solution recognises the cause of an alarm and filters out any that aren’t caused by human or vehicle motion. Nuisance alarms will be filtered out with a false alarm reduction rate of 93% while true alarms will be highlighted for human verification.

Camera Masking

Camera masking

Draw masks on the camera view to outline areas of disinterest such as roads or public areas. Calipsa’s AI algorithm will ignore all motion in the masked areas, reducing the number of false and unwanted alarms sent by each camera and ensuring you only receive alarms for areas you monitor.

Site schedule

Site scheduling

Set custom schedules on a site-by-site basis to focus your monitoring efforts on the time periods that matter most. Custom schedules can be created to turn Calipsa object detection off during unmonitored hours.

Site sharing

Site sharing

Share selected sites with integrators and customers so they can keep up to date with camera performance via our mobile app. Users with shared site access can use the app to monitor alarms, see a live camera view, and arm or disarm sites. Plus, with push notifications, users can stay updated on their sites any time – even on the go.

Alarm intelligence

Alarm intelligence

In our dedicated reporting section, you can see a snapshot of Calipsa’s activity over a 24 hour, weekly, monthly or custom time period. Automatic reports can be set-up to send alarm intelligence directly to selected inboxes as a PDF – ideal for sharing with key stakeholders to provide updates on Calipsa’s performance.

Mobile app viewing

Mobile app viewing

Get access to our mobile app so you can view alarms, see a live camera view and arm and disarm sites on the go - from wherever you are in the world. Push notifications are available to make it easy for you to stay on top of new alarms. The app is available on both IOS and Android via the App and Play stores.

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