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“Beige gold”: how cardboard theft is costing cities millions

Most of us assume that the cardboard we leave out for recycling is of little value, but there is profit to be made from it - legally or otherwise. Cardboard ..

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Calipsa expands its commercial team in the Americas and Europe

Calipsa, a global provider of AI-based False Alarm Filtering for video surveillance, is expanding its geographical reach with new hires in the Americas and ..

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Machine learning explained: what is a GPU and why are they so important?

In this instalment of "Machine Learning Explained", we’re going to look at an important piece of equipment that is used in many machine learning applications: ..

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GPS Security Group adopts Calipsa’s False Alarm Filtering Platform into its video monitoring operations

GPS Security Group Inc. has become the second central alarm monitoring station in Canada to sign up to use Calipsa’s False Alarm Filtering Platform. It will ..

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CCTV statistics in the UK: your questions answered

The UK has a reputation around the world for being one of the highest users of CCTV. But how many security cameras are there in the UK - and how many in ..

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Radius Security becomes the first Canadian central station to invest in Calipsa video analytics

Radius Security has been announced as the latest central alarm monitoring station to sign up to Calipsa’s AI-based False Alarm Filtering Platform, making it ..

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