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What is data labelling?

Machine learning is powered by data. Given appropriate data, a machine learning algorithm can accurately process huge quantities of information. However, a ..

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Oil and gas security: risks and video surveillance solutions

The oil and gas industry has suffered in recent years. Prices have tumbled since the “2014 Oil Glut”, when the global oil supply outstripped demand, leading to ..

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Video analytics for healthcare: protecting hospital premises

In our last article about the healthcare sector, we looked at how video monitoring and intelligent video analytics can improve health and safety for patients ..

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Rashid's End of Year Reflections

Rashid Khan, Chief Executive Officer at Calipsa shares his reflections on a busy year at Calipsa. Looking back on 2021, it's safe to say the security industry ..

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5 Top Physical Security Trends to Watch in 2022

We asked Brian Baker, Chief Revenue Officer at Calipsa, to give us this thoughts on where he thinks the industry is headed in the coming year, and the trends ..

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Forensic video search: what is it, how does it work and why do I need it?

Forensic search and analysis is a hugely powerful tool for security teams to better understand and investigate security footage. While there are several ..

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