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In the spotlight with Mark Wall: Disrupting CCTV monitoring software

Mark Wall, Global Sales Director at Webeye, discusses the rise of cloud-based security solutions and the evolution of CCTV monitoring software and technology ..

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Ebook: A guide to artificial intelligence in video surveillance

Machine learning and artificial intelligence. For the last couple of years they have been used everywhere. Some of the biggest companies are using them, ..

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In the spotlight with Ahmet Deveci: The state of CCTV installation in 2020

Ahmet Deveci, Director at CCTV Aware, takes part in a Calipsa Spotlight interview to share his insights into the changing face of the UK CCTV installation ..

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RAS Watch sign up to False Alarm Filtering by Calipsa

Calipsa are pleased to announce RAS Watch as the latest U.S based security company to sign up for False Alarm Filtering. The partnership will see RAS Watch ..

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How Calipsa manages millions of CCTV alarms a day

Millions of alarms pass through the Calipsa cloud platform everyday, coming from thousands of active cameras across the world. It’s a staggering amount of ..

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Calipsa to work with Envision Intelligent Solutions on false alarm reduction

Envision Intelligent Solutions has become the latest security solutions provider to adopt False Alarm Filtering by Calipsa. By deploying Calipsa’s False Alarm ..

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