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What are video analytics? The complete guide

In this guide, we’ll cover the different kinds of video analytics, how they work, and how these solutions can be integrated into your security system. 

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Per Mar Security becomes latest US monitoring station to invest in Calipsa False Alarm Filtering

Per Mar Security Services has become the latest US-based security solutions provider to adopt False Alarm Filtering by Calipsa. By deploying Calipsa’s False ..

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Securitas Netherlands adopts Calipsa video analytics into its Security Operations Centre

Securitas Netherlands has become the first Netherlands-based Security Operations Centre - and sixth country in the Securitas global network - to invest in ..

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Securitas Turkey becomes the fifth Securitas Security Operations Centre to adopt Calipsa analytics

Securitas Turkey has become the first Turkish-based Security Operations Centre - and fifth country in the Securitas global network - to invest in False Alarm ..

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Manned guarding vs remote video guarding: the pros and cons

When choosing the best security option, you might be torn between using manned guarding, or remote guarding with video surveillance. Recent security trends ..

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Why intelligent video analytics adoption is the security trend to watch

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a business buzzword in recent years, with increasing numbers of “intelligent” services on offer. While there is a lot ..

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