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"Beige gold": how cardboard theft is costing cities millions

Most of us assume that the cardboard we leave out for recycling is of little value, but there is profit to be made from it - legally or otherwise. Cardboard ..

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How to prevent cargo theft using your warehouse security system

Warehouses are a crucial part of the transport and logistics industry - as storage points in the supply chain, they are places where goods are safely stored ..

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What are thermal cameras and how do they work?

Thermal cameras have been deployed for decades by government sectors, but recently more businesses are seeing the value of using them as well. From checking ..

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Calipsa's New Thermal Camera Algorithm

Thermal cameras are used across the board for monitoring and surveillance purposes. Last month, Calipsa launched our thermal camera algorithm, which enables ..

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Maritime port security: same threats, new solutions

Maritime ports are vital to the global economy. Billions of tonnes of cargo move through ports every year; in 2019, EU sea ports handled a total of 3.6 billion ..

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Calipsa Announces New Partnership with Tether Technology

Calipsa, the market-leading provider of deep-learning powered video analytics for false alarm reduction, has today announced the integration of its false alarm ..

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