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5 reasons why your manufacturing plant needs video analytics

Nowadays, every well-run manufacturing plant has a physical security system in place. A good security strategy is vital to protect all the elements of your ..

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What is big data?

This week, Calipsa's CTO Boris Ploix demystifies the topic of big data; what is it, and why is it so important to modern technology?

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Catalytic converter theft has risen 104% in a single year. Here's why.

Catalytic converters have been targeted by thieves ever since the technology was first included in commercially available vehicles. However, rates of theft ..

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Optimising cannabis video monitoring systems with intelligent event-driven analytics

Over the last two decades, public opinion and laws around marijuana have shifted dramatically. A Pew Research study from earlier this year found that nine out ..

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Are video analytics the solution to solar panel theft?

Towards the end of 2019, the UK’s renewable energy sources provided more electricity to homes and businesses than fossil fuels for the first time. 6% was ..

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Logistics security: The essential guide to supply chain security management

The transportation, logistics and cargo industry plays a key role in the world economy. Any disruptions to the smooth flow of goods around the world can have ..

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