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Calipsa Investigate Video Analyzer

A stand-alone software for conducting forensic video searches. Investigate Video Analyzer allows users to upload any video file to the Calipsa platform, where its algorithms review the footage for genuine activity before presenting a summary of results.

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Forensic video analytics in just minutes

Don't waste your staff's time by sorting through hours of footage. Customers can get actionable results in a fraction of the time - and with Investigate Video Analyzer, only pay for the hours you use.

What you can do with Investigate Video Analyzer

Advanced search

Meta-based video search

Search for specific alarms using our meta-based forensic search, which contains all the classifications available in our real time AI analytics solution, Calipsa Protect. Conduct site-wide searches for specific video analytics events and filter by loitering, crowd size and more to immediately display relevant results for forensic video analysis and investigation.

Similarity search

Similarity search

Upload an image to Calipsa’s forensic search solution to search for alarms containing objects with a similar appearance. Our AI analytics algorithms will analyse the image and display all alarms matching that appearance from the cameras within a selected site. Use this feature to track the movement and activity of an object of interest across different cameras.

Video summarisation

Video summarisation

View the results of your forensic video analysis as a single summary video, which combines all alarms returned by the search into one easy to review video. The video will display all alarms matching your search in chronological order, so you can review alarms and investigate as quickly as possible.

Forensic report

Forensic report

Save your forensic video analysis as reports on the Calipsa platform for easy access to search results and alarms of interest. Add notes and annotations to the alarms within the report to keep track of important information and download forensic reports as PDFs to share with key stakeholders involved in the investigation.

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