Intelligent false alarm filter

Intelligent false alarm filter.

Using deep learning algorithms that constantly improve, Calipsa recognises the cause of a CCTV alarm, filtering out false alarms that haven’t been triggered by human or vehicle motion.

100% cloud-based platform

100% cloud-based platform.

Calipsa connects to your existing cameras with zero additional hardware required. Our online platform provides instant access to your alarm dashboard, reporting, and site and camera management.

Simple site configuration

Simple site configuration.

Integrate with your cameras and NVRs in just 30 seconds and manage sites and cameras through the platform. Add and remove sites and cameras as per your needs, and turn Calipsa on and off on demand.

Additional features

Free health checks

Free health checks

Calipsa will alert you via the dashboard if a camera hasn't sent an alarm in over 24 hours.

Site scheduling

Site scheduling

Add site-wide schedules for reduced bandwidth and more accurate reporting.

Camera management

Camera management

Add masks to ignore certain areas of a camera view for further false alarm reductions.

PTZ & Video loss

PTZ & Video loss

Calipsa gives you the option to select if a camera is a PTZ, and enable video loss if you're interested in the camera moving.

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How It Works

Alarms are sent from camera to Calipsa cloud servers.

Alarms are sent from camera to Calipsa cloud servers where deep learning algorithms filter alarms caused by non-human or vehicle motion

Monitoring station operators review alarms.

Calipsa forwards valid alerts to your alarm monitoring software for visual verification. Monitoring station operators review alarms to detect and prevent genuine threats.


Calipsa’s deep learning algorithms learn and evolve with every camera reviewed, becoming more accurate in detecting and filtering false alarms over time.


For monitoring stations

By removing over 85% of false alarms, you can improve operator efficiency, reduce installation costs and add value to your customers.

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For installers

Reduced CCTV false alarms means simpler installations, less time on site for false alarm management and more time to grow your business.

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