For installers

Transform CCTV installation and maintenance with Calipsa’s cloud-based video analytics

Spend less time on false alarm management, provide a more robust security solution and improve your margins with our False Alarm Filtering Platform.




Simplify new installations

Calipsa’s 100% cloud-based False Alarm Filtering Platform requires no new hardware onsite. Unlike traditional video analytics software, Calipsa can be installed remotely.

  • Reduce hardware and cabling required onsite
  • Make adjustments from anywhere in the world
  • Quick turnaround and high pass rate for sites on soak test


Spend less time onsite

Spend less time going back to sites for false alarm management by using Calipsa’s deep learning video analytics to remove over 85% of CCTV false alarms.

  • No need to go back to sites to cut down trees or move detectors
  • Improve site set up remotely with camera masking
  • Quickly identify potential camera issues


Improve customer satisfaction levels

Make any brand of CCTV camera smart by connecting it to Calipsa’s False Alarm Filtering Platform, lowering the risk of sites being switched off due to high alarm volumes.

  • Keep customer sites switched on 24/7
  • Offer higher confidence SLA’s to your customers
  • Increase the efficiency of your security solution


Grow your installation business

Focus more time on growing your customer base, while simultaneously becoming a more profitable business by saving money on video analytics hardware costs.

  • Showcase your business as tech-orientated
  • Increase capacity to take on new business
  • Scale Calipsa up and down on demand

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