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In the spotlight with Mark Wall: Disrupting CCTV monitoring software

Calipsa 18 February 2020
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Mark Wall, Global Sales Director at Webeye, discusses the rise of cloud-based security solutions and the evolution of CCTV monitoring software and technology in the latest edition of our In the Spotlight series.

With cloud based security systems, CCTV and monitoring technology dominating the market, how is the video monitoring market evolving and what are the latest disruptions shaping the monitoring platform space?

In his interview, Mark Wall shares his views on how the industry is changing, the demand for recurring revenue and how platforms like Webeye fit within the monitoring platform market.

Tell us about your background and your role at Webeye

I’ve been in the security industry for my entire working life. I started as an installer in the family business, before working for several distributors and manufacturers over the past 10 years; these included brands such as Videcon and Dahua. Since joining Webeye as Global Sales Director, I’ve been working to develop the monitoring platform and what we offer the market, while expanding our relationships within the industry.

How are cloud security systems changing the way we deliver security today?

CCTV monitoring software has come a long way in the last few years. It used to take a large amount of infrastructure and manpower to be able to successfully monitor hundreds of systems. People now want the option to have remote monitoring, or self-monitor - and the cloud enables them to do this. Whether you are a monitoring station, installer or end-user, everyone wants flexibility. The cloud allows systems to be monitored more efficiently and also provides a reliable source of recurring revenue for businesses.

What has been the biggest change in video monitoring over the past 5 years?

Five years ago the industry looked very different. We’ve gone from having low quality images and video tape recordings to now where everything is recorded on a hard drive, 98% is IP and the quality has changed so that 4K is now the standard installation. These developments have made it a lot easier for people to be able to detect crime successfully. The ability to use video analytics is also a common theme. And over the past 5 years video analytics have improved significantly. With the rise of technologies such as artificial intelligence, we now have more confidence in the role of technology in protecting people and property.

What services are security professionals demanding more of?

Security professionals can no longer rely on selling a one-off CCTV system. They are looking at opportunities to generate recurring revenue and build long term relationships with their customers. There is also a demand for cloud storage, whether it be storing images from an alarm or streaming directly to the cloud from the camera. We can now store more data; for a longer time and for a cheaper cost - overall I’d say people are demanding a lot more for a lot less.

In which areas of security do you see technology having the biggest impact?

Residential security and the installation of CCTV in homes and private properties is growing. The more technology that is available, and the simpler it becomes, the more attractive it becomes. The improvements in monitoring technology means it is becoming more accessible for everyone.

Where does Webeye fit in the security ecosystem?

Webeye provides a platform for installers to self-monitor their own installations and offers them the opportunity to achieve the coveted recurring revenue. Previously, if a camera failed you wouldn’t know about it until it was probably too late. Webeye can tell users about the status of all their systems on their entire security ‘estate’. We do all the work to ensure that stakeholders are confident that they will receive the messages they need - and if they don’t, they will know why. Transparency is built throughout the entire system. 

How does the Webeye integration with Calipsa benefit your customers?

The verification tick from Calipsa within the webeyeCMS browser helps our customers to prioritise alarms. The extra layer of intelligence that Calipsa's video analytics allows gives our customers the confidence that activations are genuine and that they need to respond to it. The great thing about Calipsa is that it is extremely scalable, making the whole process a lot more efficient.

What are your predictions for the next 5 years in the monitoring platform market?

I recently read an article that said cloud storage and VMS’ are going to grow to a $10 billion dollar industry in the next few years. If this is the case it will be an exciting time for those providing cctv monitoring software. The UK is also seeing a large growth in construction so we expect to see security demand increase.

For Webeye, the increasing reach of our integrations with other technology and manufacturers, such as Calipsa, is taking our product fully mainstream. We just launched version 3.2 of the platform with voice challenge, and the launch of 3.3 with even more exciting features is on the immediate horizon. 

We believe sustainability is also a growing concern for the security industry. Webeye’s virtual guarding appraoch makes guards reactive to events and thus more efficient. Rather than many guards travelling from site to site, after an intrusion Webeye can identify a guard that’s in the vicinity who can react appropriately. This is all about helping to make the planet a bit greener and ensuring security plays its part.

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