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Calipsa's New Thermal Camera Algorithm

Calipsa 08 June 2021
  • Physical security

Thermal cameras are used across the board for monitoring and surveillance purposes. Last month, Calipsa launched our thermal camera algorithm, which enables our platform to achieve significant levels of false alarm reduction for these devices. 

This new feature can be enabled at a camera level via our 'Thermal camera indicator' toggle. Calipsa customers will also see new stats on the dashboard about thermal cameras, with the ability to filter between standard and thermal cameras. 

Let Calipsa know if a camera is thermal or not by switching on the 'Thermal camera.' Once turned on, Calipsa will use its thermal camera algorithm on these devices to ensure it delivers the highest level of false alarm reduction. 

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The Calipsa main dashboard now includes the option to filter the data by Thermal/Standard cameras. When a filter is selected, the dashboard insights, overview and alarms graph will only show the chosen camera type. This enables customers to dig deeper into Calipsa's data and analyze alarms based on thermal or normal cameras.

Learn more about our False Alarm Filtering Platform and how it benefits monitoring stations, or contact us to arrange your free, no-obligation two-week trial

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