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Calipsa 24 June 2020
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As of Wednesday 24th June, we’ve upgraded the Calipsa False Alarm Filtering platform to a fresh new design, designed to improve the user experience for our False Alarm Filtering customers.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes developing the designs for the updated Calipsa platform for over 6 months, and so are delighted to now see it in action and live on all active Calipsa accounts. During the development of the designs, we’ve taken on board a whole host of user feedback to ensure we deliver a platform that is both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining all the quality features Calipsa is known for. The redesign is part of a wider commitment by Calipsa to continue developing and innovating our product and features.

What’s new?

On top of the sleek re-skin which comes in the option of light or dark mode, the redesign also brings a number of enhancements designed to make completing tasks on Calipsa simple and stress free.

Some of the updates we have factored into the release include:

  • Choice of theme: Automatic (your Calipsa theme will change according to your local device settings - e.g. if your Macbook is set to light mode, so will Calipsa), light mode or dark mode.


  • Client quick view and select: Updated tree diagram shows each camera’s status on Calipsa, while select mode allows you to complete quick actions on chosen sites (e.g. bulk activate/deactivate cameras)

    Redesign_Select mode

  • Account profile: Easily update your profile name and icon within the setting section.


  • Custom date and time display: Select whether you would like your account to display an International or American date format, and a 12h or 24h clock.

    Redesign_Date and time

  • Payment tracking: Manage camera licences, including purchasing additional licences (Available for annual licence users only).

This redesign has been a huge collaboration between our internal teams and our customers who have provided invaluable feedback throughout the process. As we gather more feedback on the new design now that it is live, we'll continue to put our customers at the heart of everything we do and make iterations and enhancements as a result. With the launch of the redesign, it also means we will be able to turn our attention to developing additional product features. Improved masking, improved automatic reporting and dashboard shortcuts are all in our product roadmap.

We are committed to providing the industry with the leading False Alarm Filtering Platform and will use customer feedback to continue to enhance our service at every opportunity.

Want to see more of the new Calipsa platform? If you’re a video monitoring station, you can sign up for our free two-week trial to see it in action with your own cameras. Sign up for the trial using the button below.

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