Advanced Reporting

Get the most from your video analytics software with Calipsa’s advanced reporting features, providing a complete overview of false alarm reduction and filtering performance.

Feature Highlights


See a summary of your Calipsa activity

With a dedicated reporting section in the platform, our reporting summary provides a snapshot of your Calipsa activity over a 24 hour, weekly, monthly or custom time period. Select the sites and cameras of interest to see an overview of alarm activity, false alarm reduction, filtering performance and camera activity.


Receive custom reports straight to your inbox

Take the stress out of reporting by creating custom schedules to automatically send PDF reports and CSV files directly to your email. Our email report feature allows you to pre-select the time, frequency, content and recipients of your report, meaning you will always have up-to-date performance insights that can be easily shared with your stakeholders.


Access fully GDPR-compliant 30-day alarm storage

Calipsa comes with 30-day free alarm storage, meaning you can review and compare alarm activity and performance from the previous month in the reporting section of the False Alarm Filtering Platform. After 30-days, all personal alarm data is deleted, which ensures that Calipsa is a fully GDPR compliant video analytics software solution.

More Features


Alarm Dashboard

A snapshot of sites, alarm activity and false alarm reduction


Camera Management

Set-up and configure cameras for maximum false alarm reduction


Platform Management

Take full control of how you optimise your operation with Calipsa