Alarm Dashboard

Stay up to date with your Calipsa account with your personalised overview dashboard, featuring a summary of false alarm reduction, idle cameras and most alarming sites.

An overview of your False Alarm Filtering performance with Calipsa

The Calipsa dashboard provides a visual summary of your total alarms, ensuring we provide complete transparency with false alarm reduction. As the first thing you see when you log into the False Alarm Filtering Platform, our dashboard provides an instant overview of the performance of our video analytics software over selected time periods.


100% cloud-based platform

Access the dashboard via the browser on your desktop or mobile device. Our False Alarm Filtering Platform is completely cloud-based, which means you can view your alarm dashboard on-the-go.

Account insights and overview

Use the Calipsa dashboard to see a snapshot of your account activity, including the number of clients, sites and cameras connected and the percentage of filtered alarms.

False alarm reduction graph

Get complete visibility of the alarms sent to Calipsa. With total alarms in blue and filtered alarms in red, you can quickly review the performance of Calipsa’s video analytics software over a selected time frame.

Idle cameras snapshot

Calipsa will notify you when a camera hasn’t sent an alarm in over 24 hours. Review idle cameras on the dashboard to identify potential camera issues and easily remove low-alarming or temporary sites.

Most alarming sites summary

Identify which of your sites are sending the highest volume of total alarms with the Most Alarming Sites feature of the dashboard. Use the list to identify cameras and sites requiring attention.

More Features


Camera Management

Set-up and configure cameras for maximum false alarm reduction


Advanced Reporting

Create custom reports to analyse site and camera performance


Platform Management

Take full control of how you optimise your operation with Calipsa