Camera Management

Achieve maximum false alarm reduction and optimal video surveillance performance with Calipsa’s easy camera set-up and configuration.

Feature Highlights


Mask off certain areas of the camera view

Draw masks on the camera view to outline areas of disinterest. Calipsa’s deep learning algorithm will ignore all motion in the masked areas selected by you, reducing the number of false and unwanted alarms sent by each camera.


Add site-wide schedules to activate Calipsa

Set custom schedules on a site-by-site basis to focus your monitoring efforts on the time periods that matter most. Scheduling means you can turn Calipsa off during unmonitored hours to reduce the volume of unwanted alarms, improving false alarm reduction.


Receive a health check for idle cameras

Calipsa will notify you when a camera hasn’t sent an alarm in over 24 hours. Explore a list of idle cameras and see when they last sent an alarm to help identify potential camera issues, with an option to easily remove low-alarming or temporary sites.


Automatically add cameras for simple set-up

Let Calipsa do the hard work for you with auto-set up for selected camera brands. Choose between standard manual or auto-set up which provide a ‘plug-and-play-experience’, taking care of all configuration and testing for you.

More Features


Alarm Dashboard

A snapshot of sites, alarm activity and false alarm reduction


Advanced Reporting

Create custom reports to analyse site and camera performance


Platform Management

Take full control of how you optimise your operation with Calipsa