Platform Management

Flexible video analytics software, designed for collaboration. Take control of how your business uses the False Alarm Filtering Platform.

Feature Highlights


Integrate with Calipsa with your chosen monitoring software

Embed Calipsa into your existing monitoring operations by connecting it to your chosen alarm receiving software or VMS, and receive the benefits of False Alarm Filtering without changing how you run your business. Our integrations with Sentinel, Immix, Digital Watchdog and Exacq mean you can add Calipsa’s deep learning video analytics to your cameras with just one click.


Collaborate with your customers by sharing selected sites

Share specific clients and sites with either business customers or end-users. Designed to make your Calipsa account more flexible, site sharing allows you to share important information, such as site configuration, reporting and performance, on an individual basis, improving visibility and adding value to your customers.


Review and validate true alarms via the platform

Alarm validation allows you to add human verification to the true alarms highlighted by Calipsa. By providing an additional layer of confirmation from a human operator, you have the opportunity to help teach Calipsa’s video analytics algorithms, furthering false alarm reduction for your business.

More Features


Alarm Dashboard

A snapshot of sites, alarm activity and false alarm reduction


Camera Management

Set-up and configure cameras for maximum false alarm reduction


Advanced Reporting

Create custom reports to analyse site and camera performance