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[Webinar On Demand] Artificial intelligence in video surveillance: How it works and the benefits for the Security Operations Centre

Download our on demand recording of our webinar to discover how artificial intelligence can be used to improve video surveillance performance. Our Head of Machine Learning, David Hall, and Regional Sales Director for the Americas, Tara Biglari, share insights into how it works and the benefits for SOCs. 


Download the recording

  • On demand
  • 50 minute recording

For a long time, artificial intelligence was part of academia; a theoretical technique yet to be applied in the real world. Fast forward to today and 50% of businesses report using AI in at least one business function (McKinsey). The security industry is no different.

Security Operations Centres have already started to benefit from AI and its ability to transform the efficiency of video surveillance operations. But how does it work and what are the benefits for the SOC? In this webinar, our experts will explore intelligent video analytics, how neural networks work, and why your SOC should be investing in AI.