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In the spotlight with Aria Kozak: taking the lead on remote guarding

Calipsa 27 April 2021
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Elite Interactive Solutions uses remote guarding to protect many sectors throughout the US from physical security risks. Elite was founded in 2007 by Aria Kozak (now President and CEO) who has decades of experience working in the security industry, specialising in remote guarding, video monitoring and alarm response.

We spoke to Aria about his industry experience, the role of AI, and his thoughts on where he sees the security industry in the next few years. 

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Tell us about how and why you founded Elite - what gap in the industry did you want to fill?

I founded Elite because my background and expertise in the security industry made it clear to me that crime and catastrophe prevention systems were nonexistent. I wanted to create a service that would eliminate false alarms for law enforcement, and that would be truly preventative instead of reactive.

You bring remote guarding solutions to clients in many different sectors. Which sectors have you seen reap the rewards of remote guarding?

Every vertical that was using physical guards has seen huge rewards by integrating remote guarding. We’re heavily involved in the auto and multi-family residential sectors, where we can cover acres of car yard, or multiple floors and doors of an apartment complex, with an AI system alerting our agents of anything out of the ordinary.

Our Los Angeles-based Security Operations Command Center provides 24/7/365 real-time central monitoring, which allows our clients to sleep peacefully knowing they won’t be woken up by false alarm alerts and that their site is protected. We do it better, smarter, and cheaper.

Technology is clearly very important to Elite’s core services. What value does it bring to physical security?

We are proactive in our ability to detect, intervene and prevent crimes and catastrophes before they happen. Effective technology is a necessary component; particularly to eliminate all the noise.

As well as this, we can act as a force multiplier, providing real time updates to guards about a crime in progress that our technology has alerted us to — often before a guard can see it on their monitors.

Our systems are also constantly learning what is and what is not cause for alarm, thanks to machine learning and our engineers.

Do you think the security industry is still catching up to the benefits of technology, or do you think that we’ve finally reached a point of widespread adoption?

The security industry as a whole is way behind and very slow to adopt new technology. We see other companies that try to do what we do; however, they all fall short because their technology is simply not as well developed.

I think we will eventually see more widespread adoption of technology as it becomes more affordable, especially at the consumer level, but that is still some years away.

How has Calipsa enhanced your intelligent remote guarding?

Calipsa use has resulted in a significant reduction of noise and has enabled us to achieve our goal of zero false alarms to law enforcement. Being able to  directly integrate Calipsa into our services keeps our operations under one roof, furthering our ability to provide priority response to our clients.

Do you see intelligent technology, like AI video analytics, playing a bigger role in security in the future?

I absolutely do see AI video analytics playing a big role in the future. Our results have shown the benefits of AI and other technology with regards to effectiveness and cost. The security industry needs to move forward and embrace that these technologies are the future.

What plans do you have to expand Elite’s business and services in the future?

We are rapidly growing month over month and plan to become a dominant force in the industry. Our relationships with law enforcement across the country are following this growth.

Crime and catastrophe prevention continues to be a cornerstone of our services and will only improve as we further develop our systems and technology. Currently we are in the process of opening an office in Chicago and another in Northern California to help facilitate this growth.

Want to find out more about what technology means for the future of the physical security industry? Download our free on demand webinar, "Artificial Intelligence in Video Surveillance":

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