Securitas Belgium becomes the latest regional Securitas division to adopt Calipsa’s video analytics

Calipsa 12 October 2020
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Securitas Belgium has become the latest monitoring station to invest in False Alarm Filtering by Calipsa. The announcement that Securitas Belgium will embed Calipsa’s intelligent video analytics software into the Securitas Operations Centre (SOC) shows its commitment to improving its monitoring operations and services.

Securitas is one of the largest providers of security services in the world. With a presence in multiple markets across the globe, Securitas successfully integrates technology, people and knowledge to offer protective services to customers in a variety of industries and customer segments. In Belgium, Securitas employs over 6,500 people, which includes its SOC for remote video monitoring, alarm monitoring and Remote services.

Securitas Belgium ensures that the latest and most relevant technological developments are integrated into its product and service offering. This technology allows it to continuously improve its services and ensure that existing systems can be integrated, which helps it to deliver a move efficient monitoring operation. Securitas Belgium was looking for a video analytics solution that would integrate with its existing monitoring software, Immix. It has chosen to invest in Calipsa’s false alarm filtering technology due to its seamless AI Link integration with Immix CS.

Calipsa's cloud-based False Alarm Filtering Platform is a unique video analytics solution that uses deep learning technology to filter out CCTV false alarms. By recognising whether an alarm has been caused by human or vehicle movement, the technology can filter out any alarms caused by other nuisance factors such as lighting, the weather or foliage.

Currently, Calipsa removes over 90% of CCTV false alarms, helping improve false alarm reduction, response times to genuine threats and overall operational efficiency. These benefits combined will allow Securitas Belgium to refine its existing monitoring service, so that it can provide its customers with the highest level of security protection - free from false alarms. 

Marc Van Remoortere, Securitas Operations Centre Director for Belgium comments; “We have chosen to implement Calipsa for a number of reasons. Not only does it provide excellent, flexible filtering capabilities, but this can be done extremely quickly thanks to a very short and efficient implementation process.”

“The short line of communication between us and Calipsa’s technology team throughout the onboarding process has been extremely valuable. We look forward to further developing the AI abilities for our SOC as the partnership progresses,” adds Marc.

Tara Biglari, Business Development Manager at Calipsa concluded; “We are delighted to expand our reach within Securitas’ global operations, and could not be more pleased to be working with Securitas Belgium. They have embraced our False Alarm Filtering Platform and the value it brings to their operations, and the team in their SOC have been an absolute pleasure to work with. We look forward to growing our relationship and partnership over the coming months.”

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