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80-90% False alarm reduction rate achieved
50% Reduction in response times
Discover how BOS Security achieved a false alarm reduction rate of 80-90% and cut down response times by 50% with Calipsa Detect and Detect Pro.

About BOS Security

Licensed by the state of Georgia since 1993, BOS Security is a leading national provider of remote security monitoring systems and on-site security guards. With 500 employees, the independent, family-owned company serves customers across Canada and the US. Their monitoring solutions are versatile, and they protect commercial and residential sites, including construction sites, high-threat government facilities, schools and universities, strip malls, churches, parking decks, self-storage locations and more. BOS Security is committed to guarding their customers’ people and property with a wide range of customizable security services, including hybrid and remote options, and they also provide security consultations.



Rapid company growth

While balancing rapid company growth and increased alarm volume, BOS Security needed to maintain the same high-quality site protection while supporting new and existing customer relationships. However, they faced the added strain of false alarms, which were negatively affecting their profit margins and employee morale. Hoping to reduce stress on their security team, respond faster to genuine threats and ultimately provide better customer service, they sought out a security solution to reduce the false alarm rate.


BOS Security decided to deploy Calipsa Detect and Detect Pro, both equipped with Calipsa’s analytics. Calipsa Detect, the cloud-based false alarm filtering software solution, allows the company to focus on genuine alarms and allocate their resources and employees to tackling critical events, while Detect Pro’s AI-powered scene change detection feature improves camera health.

As a result, they were able to improve employee and customer morale, as well as optimize their security investigations and operations. Additionally, BOS Security engaged Calipsa’s similarity search feature, an AI-powered forensic search solution that allows security teams to track an object of interest across different cameras, and in total, they deployed Calipsa on hundreds of cameras across their entire client base.

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Calipsa is the best at what they do. On top of that, false alarms cause stress on agents as well as clients. By reducing those alarms, we saw significantly positive results for our employees and have been able to deliver better service to our clients.

Kevin Vettorel
BOS Security


Increased trust and reduced customer attrition

Since installing Calipsa’s false alarm filtering technology, BOS Security has reduced false alarms by almost 90%. After reducing security agent stress levels, the company has been able to provide improved customer service while reducing attrition. With security teams able to focus on genuine and critical events rather than false alarms, the company has freed up time to foster these business relationships, and increased customer stickiness has also led to higher profit margins for them.

With Calipsa’s analytics, they have been able to go beyond a “see something, say something” approach to protecting their sites, taking a proactive approach against potential threats instead. For example, Calipsa allows them to identify potential threats before they escalate into critical events and, if needed, decide whether they need to initiate a preemptive lockdown or not.

Calipsa has enhanced BOS Security’s proactive approach to security, deterring crime. In one incident, Calipsa analytics identified three individuals in a heated verbal escalation. When one individual brandished a firearm, the command center instantly took preemptive measures to prevent further escalation. They activated strobe lights and voice announcements via external speakers to notify the disputants of ongoing surveillance, record the unfolding event and instruct them to vacate the premises. The intervention resulted in the individuals fleeing the site. Through Calipsa’s intelligent analytics, law enforcement was simultaneously alerted to the events, allowing for a streamlined response before anyone was injured.


Calipsa’s analytics go beyond simple false alarm filtering. Calipsa Detect Pro also supports scene change detection, an automated twice-a-day check against set reference images that alerts operators if cameras are out of position or have been tampered with. Additionally, Detect Pro’s idle camera checks automatically alert operators if cameras have been tampered with or failed to alarm, reducing strain on employees and customers and lowering labor costs.

Consistent and reliable in all environments, Motorola Solutions’ Calipsa and Avigilon have been BOS Security’s go-to security partners for years. Its backing by Motorola Solutions, an industry leader in future-proof security solutions, was a bonus as well.

bossecurity #FFFFFF “Calipsa is the best at what they do. On top of that, false alarms cause stress on agents as well as clients. By reducing those alarms, we saw significantly positive results.” kevin-vettorel-bos-security Kevin Vettorel - BOS Security