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92% False alarm reduction rate achieved
40 Labour hours saved per month
Discover how Prosegur Security saved 35-40 labor hours per month with a cloud-based false alarm filtering solution.

About Prosegur Security

Prosegur Security has been providing customized, cutting-edge security solutions for companies in a wide range of industries since 1976. Using the latest video surveillance technologies, Prosegur conducts virtual patrols, responds to analytic-driven alarms, and manages access control and other services for hundreds of clients across North America.

Prosegur is system agnostic; it has integrated video surveillance systems from a wide range of manufacturers and utilizes a VMS (Video Management System) that allows it to receive alarms, see live views, and perform other functions under a single platform.


False alarms from legacy-type systems

Prosegur Security was experiencing a higher than acceptable number of false alarms, a challenge experienced by the video monitoring industry as a whole. This was heightened by a number of their clients using legacy systems that did not run an analytic-based alarm platform. With only motion detection available on some sites, the volume of false alarms was significant.

Due to the number of false alarms received in its control room, Prosegur was experiencing the secondary challenges of runaway situations and “alarm fatigue” from its monitoring agents. Repeatedly processing false alarms can desensitize agents while reducing the time available to spend on genuine alarms. As a result, Prosegur was committed to providing a solution that would not only reduce false alarms but also help improve the well-being and performance of its agents.



Staying ahead of the curve

With a clear goal to reduce false alarms while also improving the quality of its monitoring services, Prosegur began searching for a solution. As a company that focuses on always staying ahead of the curve with new technologies, it became clear to Prosegur that platforms using AI, such as Calipsa, could be used to filter out high numbers of false alarms.

Prosegur started with a trial period of Calipsa’s False Alarm Filtering Platform, where it connected a selection of cameras for filtering. This was to evaluate the usability of the product, along with its filtering capabilities and ability to accurately highlight true alarms. After initially being impressed by the ease of setup, Prosegur saw huge potential in the effectiveness of the product, having achieved an initial false alarm reduction rate of 86% during its trial.

There are many AI platforms available in the market today, yet Calipsa distinguishes itself through its efficiency and user-friendliness. We are very satisfied with the outcomes and look forward to our continued partnership with Calipsa.

Steve Gatlin
Vice President, Technology

The Benefits

A cost-effective solution for monitoring services

Since going live, Prosegur has seen false alarm reduction rates average between 60-90% on sites connected to Calipsa, with one of the first four locations achieving a false alarm reduction of 92%. Calipsa has proven very effective in reducing alarms without missing any legitimate activity.

After just a month on the Calipsa platform, Prosegur was already able to save between 35-40 labor hours per month. This has made Calipsa a very cost-effective solution and has allowed Prosegur to provide Calipsa as an added-value service, rather than a paid solution.

Not only has Calipsa achieved significant labor savings, but more importantly, it has also helped Prosegur to improve its monitoring service by reducing the operator alarm fatigue created by the need to chase false alarms all day. It has been seen that response times have, on average, improved since implementing the solution.

Recently, using Calipsa’s idle camera check feature, Prosegur was able to identify that three out of the four cameras at a client’s site were not working properly. This critical issue would’ve gone unnoticed as the team didn’t detect any problems with the cameras initially. Had Calipsa’s camera health checks not highlighted this issue in the idle camera report, operators could’ve missed incidents at the client’s site. Upon receiving the idle camera report, the cameras were fixed and normal operations resumed. The client was thrilled that Calipsa could provide such a feature.

Prosegur plans to continue adding cameras to the platform moving forward and has included it in several proposals since signing up.

Prosegur logo #FBC807 “There are many AI platforms available in the market today, yet Calipsa distinguishes itself through its efficiency and user-friendliness.” sg-prosegur Steve Gatlin - Vice President, Technology