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Radius Security

1.9M False alarms filtered out in the last 30 days
Discover how Radius Security filtered out over 1.9M false alarms in just 30 days with Calipsa Detect.
Growing a central station monitoring business with Calipsa video analytics

Radius Security is a leading provider of integrated security solutions for commercial and residential properties across Canada and the US. With over 25 years of experience, their team of certified experts provides comprehensive security services to ensure their clients feel safe and their sites are secure at all times. As a central monitoring station, Radius Security serves as a remote guard for a wide variety of clientele, such as construction sites, car dealerships, marinas and more.



Overwhelmed by False Alarms

As their business grew, Radius Security faced the issue of frequent false alarms from their clients’ sites, which resulted in wasted time and attention that their remote guards could have been using to respond to events that required further action. The volume of false alarms contributed to operator fatigue and made the responsibilities of the remote guards less engaging and rewarding. Radius Security realized they needed a more efficient and effective solution to help ensure their customers' safety while also creating a more fulfilling work experience for their remote guards.


Leveraging Calipsa Detect

In their search for a better solution, Radius Security found Calipsa. After a thorough technical discussion with the Calipsa team, they recognized the positive impact Calipsa Detect could have on their business and eagerly adopted the software to help reduce the number of false alarms inundating their remote guards.

Calipsa Detect is a software that uses AI analytics that leverage deep learning algorithms, camera masking capabilities and object detection. It is able to accurately recognize alarms that are caused by humans and vehicles and highlight them for manual review while filtering out nuisance alarms. For Radius Security, this meant that their remote guards would only receive genuine alarms for review, allowing them to focus on potential threats and quickly take action to mitigate damage or escalation at their clients’ sites.

Calipsa has filtered out over 1.9M false alarms for us in the last 30 days – that reduction has a significant impact on how quickly our remote guards can recognize potential threats at our clients’ sites and initiate a response.

Aleksei Bulavko Research Development and Production Manager at Radius Security

The Benefits

Effective, efficient security responses

Radius Security’s primary objective is to protect their clients’ people and property. By prioritizing the most important information for the remote guards to review, Calipsa Detect has helped their team cut through the noise of false alarms and take action on events where a true threat is present. This has translated to faster response times where the guards can intervene to prevent escalation, mitigate damage and initiate an apprehension. With a record-low false alarm rate and real-time crime verification, they have been able to build trust with local law enforcement, which means priority police responses.

By implementing Calipsa, Radius Security has improved job satisfaction among their remote guards. Prior to Calipsa Detect’s false alarm filtering, the majority of a remote guard’s shift would be spent reviewing alarms to see whether an actual threat was present or not. Now that most of these alarms are automatically filtered out, it has reduced fatigue and freed up the remote guards to focus on the most important aspect of their job: responding to critical events. The responsibilities of the remote guards became more engaging and fulfilling as they were able to provide value to their clients and work more efficiently, which boosted morale.

Calipsa has also allowed Radius Security to keep pace with the rapid growth and adoption of video security technology and the mass amounts of motion detection data they bring in. By accurately filtering out false alarms, the software has greatly reduced the amount of time and manpower spent on verifying alerts, which has translated into significant business growth for Radius Security – which they achieved without adding more employees.

To continue exploring new ways to deliver exceptional service to their customers, Radius Security has maintained a close partnership with Calipsa and has been a driving force in product testing feedback and enhancements. They have trialed Calipsa Detect Pro and are currently trialing Calipsa Investigate with positive results and excitement about the additional features these versions offer.

Radius Logo #FFFFFF “Calipsa has filtered out over 1.9M false alarms for us in the last 30 days – that reduction has a significant impact on how quickly our remote guards can recognize potential threats at our clients’ sites and initiate a response.” Aleksei-Bulavko-Radius-Security Aleksei Bulavko - Radius Security