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90% False alarm reduction rate achieved
Discover how Acadian Monitoring Services’s alarm monitoring center achieved a false alarm reduction rate of 90% using Calipsa’s false alarm filtering system.

About Acadian Monitoring Services LLC

Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, Acadian Monitoring Services LLC (AMS) provides comprehensive and flexible security solutions to commercial and residential sites, including car dealerships, construction sites, private residences, low-income housing and more. The company is a division of the Acadian Companies, which consists of an ambulance company, an emergency case management company and Acadian Monitoring Services.

The recent winner of two Security Industry Awards, AMS monitors over 17,500 cameras at 2,300 sites across six countries through integrators. As the company’s operations grew, so did the number of alarms and the range of situations they faced. Confronted with a deluge of false alarms, AMS encountered a problem that could potentially hinder business growth.



With millions of alarms processed every month worldwide, AMS struggled with a high false alarm rate of up to 75%. The elevated false alarm rate resulted in slower detection and verification of security threats, which amounted to thousands of hours of wasted labor that would’ve been better spent responding to actual incidents. Response times were slowed down as a result, making it possible for incidents to escalate before their team could intervene. In addition to the threats of these incidents themselves, this also posed a threat to AMS’ customer satisfaction.

As a company that serves a wide range of industries and businesses with critical security needs, AMS sought an intelligent false alarm filtering system to refocus its team’s efforts on genuine threats so that they could respond faster and deliver better outcomes to their customers.


To combat false alarms and protect the sites it is monitoring, AMS deployed Calipsa Detect, a cloud-based security solution focused on filtering out false alarms, and Calipsa Detect Pro, a solution focused on maintaining and improving camera health. Calipsa Detect’s smart video analytics platform utilizes Calipsa’s flagship alarm filtering technology with AI analytics-driven scene change detection. Because Calipsa Detect and Detect Pro allow AMS to focus on genuine security alerts, AMS can now dedicate resources to the events that could potentially escalate into a critical situation. In total, AMS successfully connected 1,400 cameras to the Calipsa Detect and Detect Pro platforms.

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Seamless video management system integration

As AMS monitors many unique sites worldwide, they needed a security solution that would seamlessly integrate with their customers’ existing video management systems (VMS). Calipsa’s ease of integration with partner Immix and the end-user’s VMS has proved a huge benefit to their security teams. In addition to reducing installation costs and hardware investment, Calipsa’s clean interface offers the company a cost-effective solution that matches their versatile needs.

Calipsa has seamlessly integrated with every VMS we’ve dealt with. The interface is clean, and the reduction in false alarms is game-changing.

Brandon Niles Vice President, Acadian Companies

Smart video analytics and quick response times

AI analytics have revolutionized AMS’ approach to tackling false alarms. Calipsa Detect’s built-in analytics features, such as human and vehicle detection, allow security teams to focus on the events that could potentially escalate into a critical situation instead of checking for false alarms. After Calipsa’s analytics were deployed, employee satisfaction and morale, as well as their return on investment, improved.

Improved camera health

Camera health was of utmost importance to AMS, especially since they often monitor sites where cameras are inadvertently moved. Calipsa Detect Pro performs a scene change check twice a day against a reference image to confirm if the cameras are in the correct positions. This information is presented on a dedicated dashboard and can also be sent out via an automatic report.

Detect Pro also includes Advanced Idle Detection, where the user can customize a time period. If an alarm is not received during that time, an automatic email report is sent out to those who are designated, alerting them that there is a potential camera health issue.


Trustworthy tech

With a reputable company like Motorola Solutions, which continues to invest heavily in research and development, AMS is confident they have chosen the right security partner to provide the best security technology. It’s this trust and confidence that enabled them to deliver the product to their customers. Since deploying Calipsa, AMS has also been trialing Calipsa Investigate for advanced forensic search to aid with investigations.

For years, Motorola Solutions has reliably provided intelligent analytics for AMS, which is also an authorized reseller of Avigilon and Pelco, two other Motorola Solutions companies. AMS also monitors their sites with Unity Video, and another Acadian company, Acadian Ambulance Service, uses Motorola Solutions radios.

Satisfied customers

AMS’ primary goal is keeping their customers’ people, property and assets safe. With up to 90% of false alarms removed with Calipsa’s alarm filtering system, AMS has been able to allocate their employees’ time and attention to tackling genuine threats so that they can initiate a response before an incident escalates. This has helped keep their customers’ sites safer and people protected, resulting in increased customer satisfaction due to how quickly AMS is able to identify and mitigate potential security threats.


Since installing Calipsa, AMS has seen a significant decrease in false alarms and improved camera health. Intelligent AI and cloud-based analytics have helped the company grow by improving employee and customer morale, productivity and trust in their security solutions. As AMS continues to expand and service more customers, they can look to the future with confidence, knowing Calipsa has their back.

Acadian Monitoring Services_logo #FFFFFF “Calipsa has seamlessly integrated with every VMS we’ve dealt with. The interface is clean, and the reduction in false alarms is game-changing.” brandon-niles-rounded Brandon Niles - Vice President, Acadian Companies