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Elite Interactive Solutions

60+% Average total false alarm reduction
Explore why Elite Interactive Solutions, leader in the Remote Guarding and Monitoring Industry, decided to partner with Calipsa to tackle false positives.

About Elite Interactive Solutions

Elite Interactive Solutions is part of the 'Internet of Things', a technology company that does Remote Guarding. Founded in 2007 by Aria Kozak, who is recognised as 'The Father of Remote Guarding', Elite is built on 30 years of remote guarding experience. It is now the leader in the Remote Guarding and Monitoring Industry, directing nationwide operations from its state of the art command centre in Los Angeles, California.

Elite combines innovative people, processes and technology to provide incredible security for places where people shouldn't be. It does this by turning passive security cameras into active and intelligent "Digital Guards". On October 4th 2016, Elite became the first company to ever receive Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certification for remote guarding services through the use of command and control. 

Dealing with false positives

Elite understood the challenge of false positives, a problem which has negatively affected the industry as a whole. It was receiving a high volume of false positive alarms from sites but didn't have technology that was sophisticated enough to deal with them. 

As Elite specialises in delivering the highest level of crime prevention services, it wants to use technology that supports and enhances the mission. However, within an evolving industry as far as technology is concerned, Elite faced a challenge to find a solution that could tackle false positives and help them accomplish their goals. 

Using technology to improve crime prevention

Elite has used AI and other technologies to mask and reduce false alarms and is constantly looking for smart, innovative technology in order to improve crime prevention. Elite initially started to build its own product to tackle false positives, as it could not find a suitable solution on the market. However, when approached by Calipsa, Elite realised that Calipsa was a specialist in false alarm reduction and an intelligent technology solution for the challenge of false positives.

Elite saw Calipsa's False Alarm Filtering Platform as a product it could partner with. Not only because it can deal with the present challenge of false positives, but also because of the potential opportunities for improvement with the input of Elite's front-line experience. By engaging with Calipsa, Elite is confident that it is working with a solution that will constantly develop and improve, helping to support crime prevention. 

The Calipsa team are very professional and cooperative. They are good people to work with which is why we felt confident in engaging with their product. We truly view Calipsa as a partner and I only have positive things to say. With Calipsa, we will be able to go even further with the reduction of false positives.

President and CEO

A new partnership

Since partnering with Calipsa, Elite has been able to place more focus on crime prevention, the core of the business, instead of spending time clearing false positive alarms. This has added significant value to its operations. In the first stage of the partnership, Elite has already seen false alarm reduction over 60%. It hopes to improve this further in the coming months through feedback and enhancements. 

As the partnership progresses, Elite plans to add an increased number of sites to Calipsa, while simultaneously working with the team to improve the product and the impact it has on remote guarding.

Elite logo #d3d3d3 “With Calipsa, we will be able to go even further with the reduction of false positives.” Aria Kozak_Headshot Aria Kozak - President and CEO