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Eyeforce and ABC Supply Co

89% Average total false alarm reduction
Discover how Eyeforce and ABC Supply Co chose Calipsa’s AI analytics to protect 310 sites across the United States.

About Eyeforce

Eyeforce is a wholesale remote guarding company that works exclusively with a network of dealers nationwide. Eyeforce Inc. was founded in 2009 but has been pioneering the video monitoring industry since 1998. It specializes specifically in video monitoring and provides all the video services that can effectively replace physical guards.

Eyeforce is always pushing to provide the best solutions for its dealers and their customers. It has a team that is dedicated to constantly testing and searching for the best products and services available to offer the most effective and efficient monitoring in the market.

About ABC Supply Co

ABC is the United States’ largest wholesale distributor of roofing supplies. It is also one of the largest distributors of siding, windows and other exterior and interior building products, tools and related supplies. It has used Eyeforce as its remote guarding partner for over three years, after being introduced to them by its integrator, BCI Tech.

A long-standing client relationship

ABC Supply uses Eyeforce’s video monitoring services to protect 310 sites across the country, covering all outdoor and perimeter areas where equipment is being stored in fenced in locations. The primary service being provided is Eyeforce’s industry leading video intervention service, in which video analytic detection is used in conjunction with live video and audio talk down to prevent and ultimately stop crime.

Eyeforce works directly with the loss prevention team at ABC Supply to ensure all systems and cameras are online and operational. In addition, Eyeforce sets up and maintains all AI analytics on the backend to ensure the best possible detection.

“Calipsa has always been a knowledgeable and cutting-edge partner for Eyeforce. They continue to show they are always looking to improve on their already great analytic detection and are great at taking real time feedback. We plan to recommend Caplisa heavily to our partners and enjoy the continued success these recommendations have brought to Eyeforce.”


Selecting the right analytics provider for ABC’s sites

Eyeforce was using multiple different AI based analytics across ABC’s sites and was seeing recurring issues of missed events. Most of these events were what seemed to be obvious detections when looking at recorded footage after the incident. There are many factors that play into analytics performance including lighting, distance, frame rates, resolution, and others. Although no analytic can claim to be 100% accurate, Eyeforce wanted to gain a better understanding of what solution would give it the best chance of consistent detection for ABC.

As the ABC loss prevention group is a very forward-thinking team and knowledgeable about the current available technology, Eyeforce decided to collaborate with them to facilitate a test of different analytics providers.


The test was set up to use each analytic solution on video streams to conduct a normalized comparison. The team maximized the performance of each test by adjusting frame rates and resolutions to find the most optimal settings to consistently detect activity.

Implementing Calipsa analytics

After completing the test, the results showed that Calipsa was the best and most consistent fit for the types of detection ABC needed. It performed at a level higher than the other analytic providers on a more consistent basis throughout the test. One of the main deciding factors was the overall detection and consistency at all distances.

Understanding that there is not a "one size fits all" with AI, the test was important to know how to set up the rules for detection and know the environments in each camera view to find the best and most consistent fit with Calipsa moving forwards.

“For years my company has struggled with false alarms and nighttime detection of burglary events. After testing several products in the space, we have determined the AI provided by Calipsa’s cloud-based platform to be the best tool for our environment. Calipsa seems more accurate at scrubbing data and alerting our world class central station Eyeforce to potential threats. We look forward to seeing how these relationships can continue to build on this foundation of success.”


Trust and confidence in detections

Seeing Calipsa in action and in direct competition with other analytic companies, there is a higher level of trust and confidence that detection will occur consistently day in and day out. Since implementing Calipsa on ABC sites being monitored by Eyeforce, there has been an 89% reduction in false alarms and consistent accurate detections across the board.

Once a site is configured on the platform, there is little to no need to revisit the configuration due to Calipsa’s reliable integration and analytic engine. If there is ever an issue that requires attention, Calipsa's support and account manager is always readily available to assist.

Eyeforce_ABC #f4f6fc "We plan to recommend Caplisa heavily to our partners and enjoy the continued success these recommendations have brought to Eyeforce." Daniel Forrest_Eyeforce case study Daniel Forrest - CEO (Eyeforce)