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EyeQ Monitoring

95% False alarm reduction with masking
Discover why EyeQ Monitoring chose to work with Calipsa's False Alarm Filtering Platform to help them scale their video monitoring business more effectively.

About EyeQ Monitoring

EyeQ Monitoring, formerly NVMC Solutions, is one of the largest focused-providers of live video monitoring in the United States. Established in 2007, EyeQ Monitoring installs and maintains the latest video surveillance technology, and also employs and trains agents based in the United States who then monitor those systems remotely after hours - responding to threat issues in real-time. EyeQ Monitoring has a strong track record in crime prevention, saving their customers millions of dollars every year in potential losses.

Finding the right analytics solution

EyeQ Monitoring had previously tried various forms of analytics systems, but had failed to find the right fit. They faced challenges: analytics being difficult to configure and deploy, analytics platforms being unreliable when used in a private cloud architecture, and the deployment of on-site appliances and hardware which would often lead to increased installation and operational support costs.

These solutions were not scalable and could not support their growing customer base. This was not only due to the issues with the functionality and reliability of the analytics platforms, but also because as the customer base expanded, operational costs also increased exponentially.

A reliable cloud solution

EyeQ had been using analytics solutions for 2 years and were looking for a new and reliable true cloud solution that would allow them to scale their video monitoring business effectively. They came across Calipsa and found it was quick to deploy and would streamline the process for implementing analytics on their sites.

Calipsa does a great job of classifying false alarms. We compared competing vendors to get a valid comparison of performance and after properly setting masking, we saw the accuracy rate of Calipsa average 95%. My department evaluates many innovative leading edge products each year and I have to say that Calipsa was one of those products that delivered.

WARREN NEUBURGER Chief Technology Officer

Achieving an improved operational monitoring structure

Since working with Calipsa, EyeQ Monitoring has seen a much-improved operational monitoring structure.

EyeQ Monitoring had a large number of sites that had previously required live monitoring. By applying the Calipsa False Alarm Filtering Platform to these sites, they have been able to provide true alarm output to their monitoring agents. Since the agents are now reviewing only relevant events instead of simply trying to watch sites live, they have significantly increased their effectiveness, while simultaneously reducing the number of agents required to monitor the same number of sites. This significantly reduces the number of agents needed for the business to grow, since they can now have one agent monitor a larger number of sites.

The introduction of Calipsa has also drastically improved the deployment time for integrating analytics. Previously it would take several days to deploy analytics to a site, since hardware would need to be physically installed, then integrated with the monitoring platform. With Calipsa, EyeQ Monitoring have been able to do this entire process quickly and remotely, enabling the same engineer to configure multiple sites in just a few hours.

EyeQ Monitoring is initially converting a large customer base that is using an older GeoVision system to live monitor sites, to now utilise Calipsa as part of an “Intelligent Live Monitoring” solution. The Geovision VMS system sends motion alarms to Calipsa, who then analyses the feed and provides true alerts for video of interest. These alerts are sent to the Immix monitoring platform, which is then reviewed by the monitoring agent. Upon completion, they will use Calipsa for future sites to provide a cloud-based analytics solution for new customers.

case-studies-listing-icon--eyeq #92d084 “My department evaluates many innovative leading edge products and I have to say that Calipsa was one that delivered.” case-study-author--warren-neuburger Warren Neuburger - Chief Technology Officer