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Ferrous Processing and Trading

70%+ Average total false alarm reduction
Ferrous Processing and Trading manages 2.8 million tons of metal annually, and uses Calipsa video analytics to protect over half its 25 locations nationwide. 

About Ferrous Processing and Trading

Ferrous Processing and Trading (FPT) is one of North America’s premier processors, sellers, and recyclers of scrap metals of all kinds. It is a key supplier to the metals industry of North America and a major scrap metals management company for the U.S. auto industry. For every stage of the metal recycling process from the assembly line to the used parts pile, and the scrap processing yard to the furnace, FPT is responsible for the handling and marketing of metal.

FPT recycles 2.8 million tons of metal annually across its 25 locations nationwide, which include Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. Its facilities work with both large commercial firms as well as individuals and small businesses.

Delivering cost effective security

Due to the nature of its business, FPT faces many challenges such as that be internal or external theft, vandalism. Common occurrences include catalytic converter theft, theft of valuable metals and the sabotage of machinery. To ensure the smooth running of its facilities and to maintain business profits, FPT must ensure that equipment, machinery, and materials are always protected.

When designing a security system, FPT must put security measures in place that provide sufficient protection, while remaining cost effective. Security measures in the past included employing human guards and an external central monitoring station. However, the cost of with human guards is expensive - particularly when they need breaks, get distracted and become tired. Monitored systems using a third party also have a high price point. For smaller 10-15 acre sites, FPT need to find a security solution that would protect the site in a more cost efficient way.

“Calipsa is constantly rolling out new tweaks and enhancements to the system, so we always have new tools to add to our toolbox.”


A cloud-based solution

FPT decided to trial Calipsa Detect, Calipsa’s flagship analytics for people and vehicle detection, at its smaller facilities. This includes metal recycling sites, trucking facilities and retail facilities. Using Calipsa would allow the security team to self-manage, rather than using an expensive third-party monitoring or guarding vendor.

Calipsa has been active on 11 of FPT’s sites since September 2021. It analyses alarms coming from cameras on site and forwards any alarms containing human or vehicle movement to the security team and site managers, who investigate whether further action is required.

FPT found that Calipsa gives a good working tool at a price point that makes operational and financial sense for the business. The fact that Calipsa is a cloud-based solution was also a key selling point, as it saves FPT’s security team from installing new on-premise hardware or having to carry out on-site checks of the product.

Providing peace of mind

FPT has found that in addition to reducing false alarms by over 70% and helping flag human activity on site, Calipsa has helped on several levels that you wouldn’t think of immediately. It not only gives the site manager reassurance that when he leaves at night, someone is watching the facility, but the concept that somebody is always watching also helps deter potential threats.

In the future, FPT plans to make use of Calipsa’s forensic search solution, Calipsa Investigate, to review incidents that take place and give a starting point for on the ground investigations.

Ferrous Processing and Trading use Calipsa #02026f "The fact Calipsa is a cloud-based solution was a key selling point. It saves us from installing new on-premise hardware or having to carry out on-site checks." Jeff_round image Jeff Jerdonek - Director of Security